KRAV MAGA – The number one self defense system in the world!

Become part of the number one self defense system and organization in the world! Krav Maga is a reality-based system developed in Israel to train its military personnel in the most effective techniques of self defense… and now you can teach it at your studio!

At Krav Maga Universal we strive to make your school the number one place for people to go for authentic Krav Maga training. We will teach your instructors how to present this system in the best and most efficient manner possible and we will arm them with essential business techniques needed to grow a successful Krav Maga program.

Krav Maga Universal can be integrated into a school that is currently teaching a specific style of martial arts and simply wants to add it as an ancillary program. Or, it can be used as a stand-alone program to base a school’s entire curriculum around.

KMU offers instructor certification seminars for basic instructor  levels 1- 4 and expert instructor levels 5-8. KMU is introducing the next evolution of krav maga to the world. Not only is krav maga an exciting and highly effective system of self-defense, with the refinements that KMU has made to the the system, but KMU has now developed an exacting method where instructors can add a profitable program to their new or already existing school.

Krav Maga Studio Licensing Offers You the Best!

Instructor Certification and Belt Advancement

Marketing Systems and Promotions Materials

Successful Business Systems

Business Consulting

Krav Maga Branding

FREE Krav Maga Website and SEO

Krav Maga Products and Merchandising

Unparalleled Training

Teaching Methods

Class Plans and Training Drills to Bring Out the Best in Your Students

Student Upgrade Programs and Retention Strategies

Cutting Edge Techniques and Tactics

Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military Training

Territory Exclusivity

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