The simple, effective and aggressive techniques require minimal training time and deliver maximum retention, especially under stress. The system deals with scenarios where, for any number of reasons, operators face life threatening situations when they are unarmed or in which higher force options cannot immediately be accessed. From this perspective the operator must respond with sound, aggressive, unarmed defensive techniques and combatives until a transition to a higher force option can be achieved or acquired. The program features both offensive and defensive techniques.

Krav Maga Universal Force Training Division has unique experience preparing operators for work in hostile environments and has received recognition for exceptional service, professionalism, performance and commitment to mission accomplishment.

Krav Maga was originally created for the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and is uniquely suited to meet the needs of military personnel.

We are the official trainers for a number of elite units and have directly contributed to the mobilization and deployment of personnel in support of operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kososvo-Bosnia, Kuwait and the Sinai.

We provide Instructor Certification Courses, Seminars (end-user training), Private Courses and Customized Courses to meet your needs. We have mobile training teams that travel to provide training and currently support over 2000 Military and Law Enforcement Instructors around the world.